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    Convert your video totext in seconds.

    Video2Text allows you to convert your video to text easily. Simply upload your video/sound file and get the text in seconds.

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    Why us?

    The benefits of our service

    Here are the key benefits of using our service.

    Support for multiple languages (german, english, french, ...)

    Fast (result in seconds)

    Accurate detection of words

    Cheap because of our newest AI technology

    Use Cases

    Examples of Use Cases

    Explore different scenarios where our service can be applied effectively.

    Get text of a YouTube video

    Get text of a podcast episode

    Get text of a study lesson

    Get text of a sales call

    Get your transcript in seconds

    Getting the text of a video has never been easier than with video2text.

    1. Step 1Sign up for an accountEither starting out with a free plan or choose our pro plan.
    2. Step 2Upload your Video fileWe'll process your file and apply our AI to get the text
    3. Step 3Get the text of your videoYou have access to the text of your video and can copy it.